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Parent's Questions

What are the benefits of video games for children?

There are many advantages for your youngster playing video games. Simple games can boost your child's disposition, encourage relaxation, and lessen worry. By developing their ability to handle disappointment in video games, kids can also develop emotional resilience.Another benefit of video games is socialization. This is how your youngster can communicate with pals and unwind in the digital age. Your youngster can meet other kids their age who share their interests by playing online.

Is it possible for my kids to play games on a desktop or tablet?

Yes Kidyking gaming platform is a web related platform so children can play on a desktop and as well as tablet without downloading it on your devices.

Are my child's personal information and data secure on this platform?

Absolutely, we care about children's personal information and data that’s why we make our server or gaming platform more secure.So your kids will be safe with our kidyking gaming platform.

What makes kidyking gaming platforms a good choice for me?

Kidyking is a platform for kids' fun educational gaming where they can learn new things with games. Additionally all homeschool activities can be done too, So it is a good choice for kids educational gaming web platforms.

Is the platform suitable for my child's educational needs?

Kids are now so digital they love to play with electronic devices that parents get worried about their education. So kidyking online gaming platforms make learning fun by playing some games which fulfill all the basic educational needs of a child.

Teacher's Questions

Is there a limit to how many children I can register per account?

Here, a parent or teacher can use two devices simultaneously with one account. Therefore, each registration will allow for the simultaneous use of two devices by two children.

Do you target a specific age group with your platform?

We mainly target preschoolers and kindergarteners kids in our online gaming platform. But some games are for fun even 3-4 years kids can play.

Is kidyking really helpful for learning through games?

We all know that playing games is fun, but since kids today rely heavily on technology, kidyking came up with the idea to create a gaming platform that is entertaining and instructive as well. Consequently, it is quite beneficial for learning through games.

Is Kidyking a provider of different types of games?

Kidyking offers a variety of games that cover all the fundamentals of learning. As an illustration, consider writing, language, arithmetic, and science.

Is it possible for children to learn school materials through playing games?

Absolutely yes, Kids can learn all the basic school materials by playing our kidyking online gaming platform because we design our games for kids educational games. All the games have given your kids knowledge about all topics, Moreover children will learn extra curriculum activities as well.

Is it necessary to download every time we want to play a game?

Not at all, kidyking is a web gaming platform where anyone can play just clicking the game but it is important to subscribe otherwise you can play all the games.

Relative's Questions

Do you offer kidyking in other languages?

Now kidyking is only in one language which is in English but if we get more response to make it in different languages we will sure to do it.

Is it possible that kidyking games can increase kids' social skills?

In research it’s said that “playing games helps to interact with new people”. And our platform is an online platform where kids can communicate with others as well as grow their social communication skills.

What are the benefits of educational games for brain development?

Most children believe that studying is uninteresting or that arithmetic is really difficult to do, therefore educational games are designed to help kids learn new things in a pleasant way. By playing kid-friendly online games, kids will love playing and their brain growth will significantly rise.

Is this kidyking gaming platform beneficial for parents and teachers in helping kids learn?

Teaching is hard when it comes to 2 to 7 years old kids. They mostly don’t like to do what isn’t fun for them. So here comes the kidyking gaming platform where kids will learn by playing games where parents or teachers only open the account for them and help them to understand the games rules after that all learning work will be done by us.

Kid's Questions

How is kidyking different from other games?

The main difference is kidyking is a online platform where players can play multiple games. Secondly , this is only for 2 to 7 years old kids to learn the basic topics( Language, Math, drawing etc). And finally play educational games with the help of their parents or teachers.

What are the pros and cons of this type of platform for kids?

For this online gaming platform, which is primarily designed for children's bright futures, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. To prevent children from ever thinking that studying is dull and to provide parents more peace of mind while their children are home alone. Furthermore, with this kidyking web game platform, children can learn a lot of things.The only drawback is addiction, which only parents or teachers can address by providing them with a suitable schedule.

Is this platform going to teach kids everything they need to know?

This online gaming platform really teach kids something new everyday. Moreover, teach them daily activities and all educational needs by playing games.

Is gaming going to help kids learn manners?

There are several games on this platform, some of which discuss behavior around others as well as chores and manners. Every game also includes a positive message that teaches kids how to behave.

Parents and kids can play games together?

Kids can play with their parents while playing some of the multiplayer games and puzzle or problem-solving activities that Kidyking has provided. Due to the fact that children will learn to trust one another through gaming, parent-child relationships will become considerably stronger.

Why is gaming popular with kids and teens?

We are now in the modern era where kids and teengers are really dependent on technology and most of them play random video games to spend their time and in this modern time kids look for fun and entertainment everywhere. Furthermore teengers think playing video games makes them more popular so that is the reason now gaming is popular among kids and teens.

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